Journal Review: New German Critique (Fall 2010)

The new edition of New German Critique is dedicated to some of the most important thinkers of the Weimar Republic, including Benjamin, Lukács, Carl Schmitt and Franz Rosenzweig. In one of the contributions, Cutting to the Chase: Carl Schmitt and Hans Blumenberg on Political Theology and Secularization, Pini Ifergan takes a look at the mutual influence between Carl Schmitt and Hans Blumenberg:

“With the recent publication of the correspondence between Schmitt and Blumenberg, I suggest in my article a reading of the debate that exposes how they use each other’s argument to sharpen their distinctive evaluation of modernity and its relation to Christian theology. These two arguments and their unique dynamic transcend the common ways of either defending or criticizing modernity’s claim to be a distinct and legitimate historical epoch. The suggested conceptual reconstructions of the Schmitt-Blumenberg debate point to a revaluation of the terms of the quarrel over modernity, Christian theology, and the relations between them.”


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