, a European history platform is a ‘Europe-wide, multi-language platform for reviews of historical literature’, a joint project by the Bavarian State Library (BSB) Munich, the German Historical Institute Paris (DHIP) and the Institute for European History (IEG) Mainz and funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Journals or institutes who have only published in print so far will be able to  publish their review sections on the site, but individual authors will also be able to publish abstracts of their work. The big new thing (compared to traditional journals) is the comment section: users can comment on all uploaded content, creating a continous discussion and ‘live reviews’:

‘On the one hand, we want to allow for the changing review patterns in the academic sector. Reviewers often lack the time to write an entire review of a text in its entirety. With a comment they get the chance to give their opinion quickly and easily on an aspect of the text, which at the same time facilitates reviews across various disciplines: A sociologist can review a chapter of an historical publication in reference to his own field without any difficulties.

On the other hand, wants to do justice to the central position of articles published in journals or edited volumes in academic writing by giving the possibility to present them, too. So far, articles have only attracted attention within reviews of edited volumes, in which the individual articles have often been neglected. Here, wants to offer an up-to-date alternative.’


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