Special CEH Issue on Weimar

The December issue of Central European History is dedicated to the history of the Weimar Republic, with articles by Eric Weitz, Kathleen Canning, Rüdiger Graf and Nadine Rossol:

Kathleen Canning: The Politics of Symbols, Semantics, and Sentiments in the Weimar Republic
Eric D. Weitz: Weimar Germany and its Histories
Rüdiger Graf: Either-Or: The Narrative of “Crisis” in Weimar Germany and in Historiography
Nadine Rossol: Performing the Nation: Sports, Spectacles, and Aesthetics in Germany, 1926–1936
Eric Bryden: Heroes and Martyrs of the Republic: Reichsbanner Geschichtspolitik in Weimar Germany
Manuela Achilles: With a Passion for Reason: Celebrating the Constitution in Weimar Germany


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