Rethinking Weimar’s Political Culture

WEIMAR PUBLICS/WEIMAR SUBJECTS. Rethinking the Political Culture of Germany in the 1920s (ed. by Kathleen Canning, Kerstin Barndt, and Kristin McGuire) is a collection of ‘interdisciplinary scholarship on Weimar political culture […] uncovering arenas of conflict and change that had not been studied closely before, such as gender, body politics, masculinity, citizenship, empire and borderlands, visual culture, popular culture and consumption.’

Contributions include:

Anton Kaes: The Return of the Undead: Weimar Cinema and the Great War

Thomas Mergel: High Expectations – Deep Disappointment: Structures of the Public Perception of Politics in the Weimar Republic

Peter Fritzsche: The Economy of Experience in Weimar Germany

Kathleen Canning: Claiming Citizenship: Suffrage and Subjectivity in Germany after the First World War

>> Review (in German History, 1/2012)


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