Weimar at the Berlinale

The Berinale Film Festival rolls out the red carpet today and Weimar cinema takes centre stage: this year’s Retrospektive part of the festival is dedicated to Mezhrabpom, the Russian-German film studio dubbed ‘The Red Dream Factory’.

On 12 February, the Filmstudio Babelsberg, where most of the great works of Weimar cinema like Metropolis or Der blaue Engel were produced, will celebrate its centenary with a special programme at the Berlinale. German media are already gearing up to the 100-year anniversary with various features on Babelsberg’s history:

Babelsberg-Diva Asta Nielsen: Deutschlans erster Superstar (Der Spiegel)

Hollywood in Brandenburg: 100 Jahre Babelsberg (Financial Times Deutschland)

Film ab! Ein Streifzug durch Babelsberg – und 100 Jahre Film (Deutschlandradio)

Studio Babelsberg: Die Illusionsmaschine (Berliner Zeitung)


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