Weimar Colonialism (12 – 14 April 2012)

[via German Studies] Colleagues might be interested in the following conference at National University of Ireland Maynooth. No registration required, no conference fee; all guests welcome.

Weimar Colonialism (12.-14. April 2012)

Venue: Iontas Building, North Campus, Seminar Room (1.33), 1st floor



Thursday, 12. April 2012

14.00 – 14.30   Welcome (Professor Philip Nolan, President of National University of Ireland Maynooth)

14.30-16.00     Heidrun Kämper (Mannheim): Linguistic Representations of Colonialism as an Ideological Discursive Construction in the Early Weimar Republic

Carolyn Birdsall (Amsterdam): “The Whole World Turned Upside Down”: German Colonialism, Cultural Modernity and Interwar Public Rituals

16.30-18.00     Susann Lewerenz (Berlin): Josephine Baker vs. Josephine Becker: Scenarios of Racial (Dis)Order in Weimar Popular Culture

Cornelius Partsch (Washington): Nation(s) in Distress: Germany and France after Versailles

Friday, 13. April 2012

9.30-11.00       Catherine Repussard (Strasbourg): “Back to the Wild”: Ambivalences of Colonial Education During the Weimar Period in Deutsche Jugend und deutsche Kolonien (1932)

Luke Springmann (Bloomsburg): Myth and Empire: Colonial Repesentation for Weimar Youth in Film, Text and Photography

11.30-13.00     Susanne Heyn (Frankfurt): The Weimar Colonial Youth Movement: Gender and Generational Dimensions

Stefan Hermes (Freiburg): Colonising the Mind. Inverted Literary Mimicry in Hans Grimm’s novella Der Pavian (1930)

14.30-16.00     Brett M. Van Hoesen (Nevada): The Culture of Critique?:  Avant-Garde and Popular Press Photomontage in the Age of Weimar Postcolonialism

Tara Windsor (Birmingham): Disease, Decay and Destrcution: Ernst Toller’s Anti-Colonialism in the Weimar Years

16.30-18.00     Florian Krobb (Maynooth): Designs on Turkey: German Colonial Desires in the Middle East in the World War I Memoirs

Kristin Kopp (Missouri): Constructing German Colonial Legitimacy in the Weimar Era: The Privileged Position of Polish Space

Saturday, 14. April 2012

9.30-11.00       Elaine Martin (Maynooth): “Die Bestien im Land”: The “Black Horror” in the Literary and Public Discourse of Weimar Germany

Angela Merte-Rankin (Maynooth): Colonialism in the “Cabaret of the World”: The Use of Colonial Iconography by the Berlin Dadaists

11.30-13.00     Jason Verber (Tennessee): Remembering at a Time of Forgetting: Weimar Colonialism in West Germany

Dirk Göttsche (Nottingham): Afterlife and Critique of Weimar Colonialism in Post-War and Contemporary German Literature


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