Remembering 1933

2013_LOGO_300_www_ENGLISHTo mark the 80th anniversary of the Nazis’ rise to power (and the end of the Weimar Republic), Berlin hosts a theme year called “Diversity Destroyed“, commemorating ‘the historical diversity that was destroyed by the National Socialist regime in the knowledge that openness, tolerance and pluralism are values which our society must both protect and consciously engage with time and again.’

All through 2013, exhibitions, workshops and other events are taking place, including BERLIN 1933 – THE ROAD TO DICTATORSHIP. Nazi Terror in Berlin 1933 and DIVERSITY DESTROYED. BERLIN 1933–1938. A dedicated website portrays 200 Berliners who had to flee their city in 1933. A very interesting addition is Forced Labor in Berlin, a smartphone app with testimonies from former forced laborers, turning a stroll through Berlin into a journey into a forgotten history.

But it’s not only Berlin commemorating 1933. Bandenburg ’33 is a very well-made website charting the Nazis’s rise to power from 1931 to 1934 in the Bundesland surrounding the capital.  It contrasts events of national importance, such as Reichstag elections, with regional and local developments, such as Hitler’s visit to Neuruppin on 22 April 1932.


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