New book on the interwar press

9780415747639The Press and Popular Culture in Interwar Europe a selection of articles edited by Sarah Newman and Matt Houlbrook, originally published as a special issue of Journalism Studies – shows the interwar years as a ‘formative and vital period in the making of the modern press’:

‘When situated within a comparative European framework it is clear that the transformation of the popular press took shape in parallel and through a process that we might think of as mutually constitutive between the wars; while it is important to remain alive to the importance of the local and the particular in understanding the development of transnational mass cultural forms, in other words, news, information and ideas constantly moved across national boundaries. Thus, implicit in several of the essays in this issue is the suggestion that a different order of questions might reconfigure the historiographical frameworks within which interwar newspapers have been understood: Who knew what about society, culture and politics elsewhere in other European countries? Who knew what about the transformation of journalistic or business practices in other European newspapers? And just as importantly: how did they know it?’

–> Review (in English)


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