New Book on the German Right in Weimar

JonesGermanThis new Sammelband, edited by Larry Eugene Jones, introduces new research on the German Right and its impact on the political culture of the Weimar Republic. In particular, the role of organisations like the Pan-German League and the German National People’s Party, and of important personalities, like Carl Schmitt, Kuno von Westarp and Hindenburg, is explored: ‘Significant recent research on the German Right between 1918 and 1933 calls into question received narratives of Weimar political history. The German Right in the Weimar Republic examines the role that the German Right played in the destabilization and overthrow of the Weimar Republic, with particular emphasis on the political and organizational history of Rightist groups as well as on the many permutations of right-wing ideology during the period.  In particular, antisemitism and the so-called “Jewish Question” played a prominent role in the self-definition and politics of the right-wing groups and ideologies explored by the contributors to this volume.’


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