Trump and Weimar Germany

donald_trump_25218642186The comparisons between Donald Trump’s political success and Hitler’s rise, so numerous even before the election, have intensified since the former won the electoral vote in November 2016. Historians have weighed in with differing opinions and analyses about the two phenomena. This is an on-going collection of articles on the topic, all suggestions welcome!

Eric D. Weitz, Weimar Germany and Donald Trump

Daniel Bessner & Udi Greenberg, The Weimar Analogy

Jeffrey Herf, Is Donald Trump a Fascist?

Mark Mazower, Ideas that fed the beast of fascism flourish today

Geoff Eley, Is Trump a Fascist?

Neil Gregor, ‘To Think is to Compare’: Walther Rathenau, Trump and Hitler

James McDougall, No, this isn’t the 1930s – but yes, this is fascism

Jane Caplan, Trump and Fascism. A View from the Past

Timothy Snyder, Him

Richard Evans, Too Close for Comfort

Nathan Stoltzfus, Trump Versus Hitler: What We Can Learn From Weimar Germany

Various, Should we even go there? Historians on comparing fascism to Trumpism

Chemi Shalev, Thanks to Trump, We Can Better Understand How Hitler Was Possible

Richard Steigmann-Gall, What The American Left Doesn’t Understand About Fascism

Peter Hayes, How the Nazis Took Control of Germany

Isabel Virginia Hull, A German Historian’s Thoughts On Trump, Bannon, Fascism & America

Ron Rosenbaum, Against Normalization: The Lesson of the “Munich Post”

Volker Ullrich, “Wait Calmly”

Dominic Green, The Elusive Definition of ‘Fascist’

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