New book on the history of Anarchism

9781784993412-199x300This new volume edited by Matthew S. Adams and Ruth Kinna sheds some much-needed light on the history of the Anarchist movement and its response to WWI: “Considerable research has been inspired by the failure of the mainstream European socialist movement to prevent hostilities in 1914, but virtually no work has been done on the anarchist response. This is despite the fact that all of the belligerents hosted anarchist groups and dissidents, and that anarchism dominated what Benedict Anderson called the self-consciously internationalist radical Left in the years leading up to the war’s outbreak. Anarchism 1914-1918  takes a first step toward filling this gap. It looks at the bitter dispute about intervention that set former comrades Peter Kropotkin and Errico Malatesta at daggers drawn, in turn splitting the global anarchist movement into rival factions. It examines the politics of internationalism and anti-militarism to explain this division and considers how their bitter dispute contributed to the re-shaping of post-war anarchist politics, particularly in the light of the 1917 Russia revolutions.”

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