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CfP: The Ends of World War I and their Legacies

Call for Papers: Settlement and Unsettlement – The Ends of World War I and their Legacies

German Historical Institute, Washington, DC

Deadline: 31 March 2016

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New Approaches to Weimar History

Two recent conferences in Germany have focused on new historical approaches to the study of the interwar years. At Neue landesgeschichtliche Ansätze zur Erforschung der Weimarer Republik in Munich, delegates discussed new approaches to the Weimar Republic informed by regional history. The conference Aktuelle Forschungen zur Nachkriegsgewalt 1918-1923 in Marburg broadened the focus to Central Europe, exploring new studies to the role of violence in postwar societies.


Weimar’s Republican War Veterans

9781107028890Benjamin Ziemann’s new study Contested Commemorations. Republican War Veterans and Weimar Political Culture adds to the growing literature on the strength of republican cultures of commemoration in Weimar that challenge the traditional view of the dominance of nationalist and anti-democratic political culture: ‘This innovative study of remembrance in Weimar Germany analyses how experiences and memories of the Great War were transformed along political lines after 1918. Continue reading

German PoWs in London

titlepieceThe Guardian has published an interesting photo of German prisoners of war sightseeing in London on 22 September 1919. A great reminder that many Germans only experienced the foundation of the Republic from afar. The last of the German prisoners was freed from custody in 1920.

Military magazines in the Weimar Republic

umschlag_20156This new study investigates the role of military magazines in forming the memory  of the World War among their readers:

Haller, Christian: Militärzeitschriften in der Weimarer Republik und ihr soziokultureller Hintergrund. Kriegsverarbeitung und Milieubildung im Offizierskorps der Reichswehr in publizistischer Dimension.

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Online Encyclopedia of the First World War

1914_1918_header_enIn 2014, the project “1914-1918-online. International Encyclopedia of the First World War” will go live. It promises to be an indispensable source for research on the Great War and its aftermath, but the website is already worth a look. Particularly the collection of WWI websites is a handy guide for anyone interested in the era.

Secret rearmament after 1918

The study Die bellizistische Republik. Wehrkonsens und “Wehrhaftmachung” in Deutschland 1918–1933 sheds new light on the secret rearmament of the Reichswehr during the Weimar Republic. The central argument is that the rearming was supported by republican forces and based in an intellectual tradition of ‘Wehrhaftigkeit‘, but led to the formation of a ‘state within a state’, outside of legal norms and democratic control.

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