Digitized Periodicals

This list is an on-going collection of digitized journals and newspapers available in the public domain. All suggestions welcome.

ZEFYS: the best starting point for digitized newspapers and magazines is the Berlin State Library’s ‘Zeitungsinformationssystem’.

Hypress databank: the Austrian Academy of Sciences’s online database Hypress is a very useful tool for research on the Weimar press. Besides detailed information on the Austrian press from 1848-1945, there is a comprehensive part on the press of Weimar Berlin, listing even obscure or short-lived papers, complete with circulation, political affiliation and other details.

Illustrierte Presse: a collection of some of the most famous illustrated magazines of the Weimar era, from Querschnitt to UHU and Das Magazin, funded by the Dresden State Library and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).


Newspapers: expat/immigrant publications

Newspapers: Vossische Zeitung

Political/intellectual magazines

Illustrated magazines

Satirical magazines

Youth culture

Special interest magazines

Literary/art journals

Religious journals

Organs of parties, associations, cultural institutions, etc.