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Journal Review: Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaft 6/13

zfg_06_2013In the current issue of Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaft (ZfG), Robert Lorenz writes about Robert René Kuczynski, a Weimar-era intellectual, who later worked at the London School of Economics and became an adviser for the British Colonial Office.

ROBERT LORENZ: Robert René Kuczynski (1876–1947): Ein politischer Intellektueller in der Weimarer Republik.


Klaus Mann diaries online

klaus-mann-liechtensteinThe Monacensia archive in Munich has digitalized the original pages of Klaus Mann’s diaries (1931-1949). An amazing source for literary scholars and historians alike.

New book on Maria Leitner

546098545405This new book unearths some texts by Maria Leitner, a socialist reporter working in Weimar Germany who sadly is nearly forgotten today. As a female investigative journalist, she paved the way for the likes of Grace Drummond-Hay and Marie Colvin.

Julia Killet, Helga W. Schwarz: Maria Leitner oder: Im Sturm der Zeit

New Rathenau biography

9780300144314A new biography investigates how Walther Rathenau reconciled his Germanness and his Jewishness: ‘This deeply informed biography of Walther Rathenau (1867–1922) tells of a man who—both thoroughly German and unabashedly Jewish—rose to leadership in the German War-Ministry Department during the First World War, and later to the exalted position of foreign minister in the early days of the Weimar Republic. His achievement was unprecedented—no Jew in Germany had ever attained such high political rank. But Rathenau’s success was marked by tragedy: Continue reading

Max Pechstein biography

9783110282085This new biography of Max Pechstein includes a very insightful chapter about his life during the Weimar years: ‘Max Pechstein (1881–1955) is one of the most prominent German artists of the twentieth century, not least because of his crucial role in the breakthrough of German Expressionism. This long overdue biography combines the portrayal of an outstanding artistic personality with the story of an individual German who struggled through the political upheavals of his time. Pechstein’s work is presented in the cultural context of museum politics and art associations, art dealers and critics, market forces and cultural trends.’

Fulda, Bernhard / Soika, Aya: Max Pechstein: The Rise and Fall of Expressionism

Marlene on the Radio

marleneResonance FM, a London-based radio station, has produced a great feature on Marlene Dietrich and her role in gay culture, with much material from the 1920s and 30s. Featuring – among others – art historian Simon Watney and activist Terry Sanderson:

Marlene Dietrich – Beyond Top Hat and Tails

Thanks to Sabine Schereck.

Journal review: German Life & Letters, 1/2013

coverIn the current issue of German Life and Letters, Kristen M. Hylenski analyses Valeska Gert’s four autobiographical texts, Mein Weg (1931), Die Bettlerbar von New York (1950), Ich bin eine Hexe (1968), and Katze von Kampen (1973), revealing ‘the ways in which Gert revisits and revises her life story. While each text recycles material from the previous ones, Gert continually reframes her narrative according to the changing audiences and historical contexts. Continue reading