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Journal Review: German History 4/2014


In the December issue of German History, Heidi Tworek writes about the cooperation between German journalists and diplomats to raise Germany’s international profile after WWI: ‘From August 2013, a new, controversial ancillary copyright law (Leistungsschutzrecht) permitted German publishers to charge online news aggregator, such as Google for displaying article snippets. Implementation remains contested, but this is not the first time that new technology has prompted Germans to seek intellectual property rights in news. In August 1927, a German delegation successfully pushed through its compromise resolution on the legal protection of news during a Conference of Press Experts at the League of Nations. Continue reading


Limited Friendship: Germany and Turkey, 1918-33

turkeySabine Mangold-Will’s study of the relationship of the Weimar Republic and Turkey describes the construction of a myth of a friendship and cultural connection that was used by both countries in the push for a revision of the Versailles Treaty and the fight against a perceived unrestricted modernization in general.

–> Review (in German)

Files of the Foreign Ministry, 1918-1945

Locarno, Gustav Stresemann, Chamberlain, BriandThe collection of ‘Files on Germany’s Foreign Policy‘ (Akten zur Auswärtigen Politik) has been digitized and made available online, cross-referenced and fully searchable. An indispensable source for research on Weimar politics!